Securing Offshore Oil & Gas Production in the 2005 Hurricane Season

The 2004 hurricane season brought home to the American public the importance of oil and gas resources in the Gulf of Mexico. The Minerals Management Service is working diligently to ensure that all systems are in place to maintain continuity of oil and gas supplies during the 2005 season, and once again emerge with no loss of life or significant pollution. This is particularly important because 2005 is anticipated to be another above average hurricane season.

"MMS manages the design and approval of extensive offshore drilling structures in the Gulf of Mexico," said Chris Oynes, Regional Director, Gulf of Mexico Region. "It is our goal to ensure the safety of workers, protect the environment from oil spills and prevent the long-term disruption of gas and oil production."

MMS manages offshore activities that generate 30 percent of America's domestic oil and 21 percent of America's domestic natural gas. The agency also collects over $8 billion in annual revenues for the nation, states and American Indians.

"The key points are preparedness and safety. Through the dedicated work of MMS and the strong partnerships with the U.S. Coast Guard, other government agencies and the oil and gas industry, we will do our best to prepare for this storm season," said Tom Readinger, Associate Director, Offshore Minerals Management.

Last year's hurricane season serves as an example of what has been accomplished. Despite the 140 miles per hour winds of Hurricane Ivan, there was no loss of life and no significant pollution. However, there was significant damage to platforms and pipelines, and the MMS has taken a number of steps to integrate lessons learned into future planning. MMS will continue to ensure that the safe, clean operation of the offshore industry will be able to withstand even hurricanes like Ivan.

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