NESCOS II, Rogaland Test Completed

Nescos AS (formerly Triangle Equipment) and Precision Completion Systems have successfully completed its life cycle test of a proprietary rotating choking sleeve. The valve was put through 200 cycles while operating with flow and injection rates under pressure and temperature. The testing was completed successfully in April 2005. The Nesco II was put through strenuous testing procedures for the purpose of pre-qualification for upcoming Intelligent Completion Projects in Eastern and Western Hemisphere for major oil and gas customers.

Nescos II: Hydraulic actuated rotating choking sleeve.
3 valves can be operated with 3 control lines
6 valves can be operated with 4 control lines

MRS: Mechanical rotating choking sleeve
Valves can be operated by shifting tool deployed on coil tubing, down hole tractor, and now on slick line.

Paul Langley of Precision Completion Systems stated " Nescos II performed extremely well and exceeded the test parameters require by our customers. Rogaland Research Center was chosen because of its excellent reputation and the ability to reproduce well conditions in a HP/HT environment."

Test results can be obtained by contacting:

Algard, Norway
Lars Raunholt
Nescos As
Ph: +47 913 50 499

Houston, Texas
Paul Langley
Precision Completion Systems
Ph: 1 832-814-1498