Lexington Drills New Zone in Ellis CBM Gas Well on Coal Creek Prospect

Lexington Resources will attempt completion of the "Bartlesville Sand" gas target zone encountered when drilling the Ellis #1-15 horizontal Coal Bed Methane ("CBM") gas target located on its Coal Creek lease in Hughes County, Oklahoma. Horizontal drilling of the CBM gas target was not completed in favor of the shallower Bartlesville Sand gas target encountered. The Company has an approximate 88.5% working interest in the well. Minority working interest partners in the well include Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc., a subsidiary of Newfield Exploration Company, and Chesapeake Exploration Limited Partnership.

Drilling on this well has encountered a shallow Bartlesville Sand gas zone that produced a significant gas flair upon testing of the zone. The zone was logged and underwent economic and geological study to assess commercial potential of the new, non-CBM gas zone. A similar flair was experienced in the same gas zone on the LEX 1, and Brumbaugh #1-10 wells.

The Bartlesville Sand gas zone is the first non-CBM gas target that has been found as part of the Company's CBM targeted drilling program. The Company retains the ability in this well bore to continue to drill the horizontal CBM Hartshorne gas target at a future date.

The drilling of the Ellis #1-15 well follows immediately from the successful drilling of the Company's "LEX 1" and Brumbaugh #1-10 wells located on the same prospect. The Coal Creek Prospect is the third of six leased areas that have received development drilling by the Company as part of its Arkoma Basin gas production initiatives. To date, the Company has implemented development of a total of eight wells through its contracted operator, and participated in an ninth well -- the POE 1-29 drilled by Newfield. All wells drilled to date have reached the completion stage and have been productive with immediate gas sales to market.

     Company Lease/      Well Name           Operator            Status
     Wagnon              Kellster #1-5       Oak Hills Energy    Producing
     Wagnon              Kyndal #2-2         Oak Hills Energy    Producing
     Wagnon              Bryce #3-2          Oak Hills Energy    Producing
     Wagnon              Calleigh #4-2       Oakhills Drilling   Producing
                                              and Operating
     Panther Creek       POE #1-29           Newfield            Producing
     Coal Creek          LEX #1              Oakhills Drilling   Producing
                                              and Operating
     Coal Creek          Brumbaugh #1-10     Oakhills Drilling   Producing
                                              and Operating
     Coal Creek          Ellis #1-15         Oakhills Drilling   Drilling in
                                              and Operating       process
     South Lamar         Goodson #1-23       Oakhills Drilling   Drilling site
                                              and Operating       prepared