Tanker Recovery In Progress

The local residents in East Cornwall have been allowed to return to their homes when the all clear was given after an oil tanker had run aground earlier in the week. The 3000-ton taker is still carrying 80 tons of her own fuel on board and there are concerns that a leak could pollute the bay. However, the fuel tanks have not been punctured and there are no cracks in hull. Seven of the ship's ten cargo tanks have filled with water and the engine room has also been flooded.

United Salvage has been appointed to recover the tanker. A team, including salvage master Captain Eric Johnson, boarded MV Willy during low water and found the ship to be in sound condition, but severely damaged. The team is expected to go back onboard during the next low water period to develop plans to remove the remaining fuel and prepare for re-floatation next week. United Salvage has sent a vessel called Grey Mammoth, with a crane and winches on board, and a tug called Grey Tug from Felixstowe to help with salvage operations. Both are expected to arrive in Plymouth soon, but work on the Willy is not expected to start until the weekend at the earliest because of strong south-easterly winds.