Pebercan Sees Success with Seboruco 11 Well

Pebercan reports that the Seboruco 11 development well in Cuba was a resounding success.

The drilling of Seboruco 11, located 340 m east of the Seboruco 10 well, was completed at a final depth of 4,855 m after penetrating three successive reservoirs over a total length of 1,440 m.

Completed on June 16, 2005, this well produced 3,500 barrels per day over a period of 48 hours on a choke 16-mm in diameter. Currently in a long-term production test phase, it will be tested with chokes of varying diameters in order to determine its optimal production level.

Based on these results, the corporation and its partners have decided to continue the intensive development of the Seboruco oilfield. Two new development wells will begin in the upcoming weeks:

  • Seboruco 12 will be drilled 340 m east of Seboruco 11;
  • Seboruco 102 will be drilled about 400 m west of Seboruco 103, which had uncovered evidence of a new reservoir in early 2005.