Oil Tanker Grounded in Cawsand Bay

A 3000-ton tanker, Willy, was driven on to the rocks on Tuesday night while sheltering from a storm in Cawsand Bay, at the entrance to Plymouth Sound. There were no reported injuries and the tanker crew was able to reach the shore safely. Approximately 150 local residents were evacuated, but some have returned, even though they were advised not to by the Devon and Cornwall Police.

Salvage experts have been reviewing the danger from the grounded tanker and said it could take quite some time. The ship’s fuel tanks were opened by a safety team in order to release vapors to reduce the risk of explosion. The tanker’s payload had been delivered at Cattedown in Plymouth prior to the grounding.

Plans for salvage of the ship will be made after a thorough inspection. Efforts to make the ship safe have been hampered by winds reaching force eight, but the weather has since calmed.