The Peak Group Wins Major Contract for Falklands

The Peak Group has secured a major contract with Desire Petroleum and Rockhopper Exploration for the well design and drilling project management of a planned three well program in the North Falkland Islands basin.

The contract will involve The Peak Group delivering a complete well project management service for Desire. This will include detailed well and test design, tendering and contracting for all services and execution of the drilling program including materials and logistics.

Bob Lyons, managing director of Peak Well Management, The Peak Group's well management division, Desire chairman Dr. Colin Phipps and Desire chief executive officer Dr. Ian Duncan have visited the Falklands to discuss plans for the drilling campaign with the Falklands Islands Government and key local residents.

Mr. Lyons said: "Peak has a major plan of activity this year, including the delivery of approximately 30 wells worldwide, and we are continually looking to expand our activity in the international market. This is an extremely significant contract for us. It is our first opportunity to work with Desire Petroleum plc and our first project in the Falklands Islands.

"The project is taking place in a remote location and requires meticulous planning and execution. Nothing can be left to chance and a safe pair of hands is essential."

Dr. Duncan said: "This campaign is an important investment for Desire. We selected Peak for its proven well delivery process, track record of high performance well construction and its special experience of dealing with the regulatory authorities.

"Peak has the expertise and worldwide experience to deliver this operation in a safe and cost-effective manner. The appointment of The Peak Group, and the visit to the Falklands, continues the progress for the resumption of drilling in the area."

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