Norsk Helikopter Signs for Three S-92s to Support New North Sea Contracts

Norsk Helikopter AS has agreed to purchase three new S-92 helicopters to fulfill two recently awarded contracts for North Sea offshore oil transport services.

Sikorsky and Norsk celebrated the agreement with a signing ceremony today at the Paris Air Show. With the three additional aircraft, Norsk will have five S-92s in the company fleet, all operating out of Norway. Deliveries are scheduled for 2006.

Two of the new aircraft will provide all offshore services for ConocoPhillips transporting passengers between Sola and the Ekofisk oil platform located in the North Sea about 320 kilometers (200 miles) equidistant miles from Norway, Great Britain, and Germany.

The third new aircraft will support joint operations of BP and Talisman for all offshore transportation services between Sola and the Valhall, Ula, Gyda and Petrojarl Varg oil fields.

"It is a pleasure to offer new Sikorsky S-92 helicopters to the many passengers of ConocoPhillips, BP, and Talisman, with Sikorsky S-92 representing the new generation of helicopters with modern comfort, long range and increased safety," said Geir Tynning, the Commercial Director of Norsk Helikopter.

"The S-92's new technology, safety enhancements, efficiency, reliability and rugged design make it the best-in-class helicopter for offshore oil missions. We are pleased with the vote of confidence Norsk has shown in the S-92 by adding three more aircraft to their fleet," said Dave Powell, Sikorsky's regional sales executive.

On February 21, 2005 Norsk became the first European offshore oil S-92 operator. Its first two helicopters have already transported more than 20,000 passengers and accumulated 1,000 flight hours flying in the harsh operating conditions of the North Sea.