Gulfstream Wants to Phase In Florida Pipeline

Gulfstream is seeking permission from the FERC to bring its Florida pipeline project on stream in phases due to changes in the Florida gas market. The pipeline project was approved last year and a June 1, 2002 date was set as the in-service date.

The company still plans to meet that June target for the portion of the pipe that will run from supply points in Alabama across the Gulf of Mexico to an interconnect with Florida Power's facilities near Gulfstream station 450.

Gulf stream is now proposing that phase two, which would include the facilities that extend from central Florida eastward to the terminus in southern Florida, would not go into service until June 1, 2003, or February 21, 2004, at the latest.

Gulfstream stated that customers for phase two, primarily new electric power generators, "have seen the time of their generation projects move to 2003, thereby making it necessary for Gulfstream to delay construction."