BP, INTEQ & Knowledge Systems Use WITSML for Real-Time, Wellbore Analysis

Knowledge Systems announced that BP, INTEQ, and Knowledge Systems have implemented remote real-time wellbore stability analysis using Well Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) offshore Trinidad. The companies were able to achieve the success through the use of advanced drilling software integrated with data management communication devices and exceptional team collaboration.

Knowledge Systems' Drillworks Services connected BP's Houston office to an INTEQ WITSML server in Port of Spain, Trinidad and received logging data, in real-time, from the LWD and surface sensors from a well offshore Trinidad. BP successfully ran Knowledge Systems' Drillworks software in its Houston offices using Drillworks ConnectML a WITSML-enabled data management tool. Drilling is under way, and the team successfully witnessed Drillworks' wellbore stability models updating in real-time as new data became available through the WITSML server. In the next phase, INTEQ will transmit real-time wellbore images to BP to validate and refine the wellbore stability model.

WITSML is a new data standard for static and dynamic data transmission that is based on XML protocols that take advantage of the Internet. The aim of the WITSML standard is to get the "right time" seamless flow of wellsite data between operators and service companies to speed and enhance decision making. The technology and collaboration pave the way for real-time analyses to be performed across more wells, at a lower cost while using data from multiple vendors simultaneously. WITSML, the keystone of the POSC family of XML standards, is developed and maintained through the WITSML SIG (Special Interest Group) of which BP, INTEQ, and Knowledge Systems are active members.

BP is evaluating the technology of continuously updated wellbore stability models via real-time data from remote drilling locations as an enhancement to real-time decision making. The ability to influence the safe operating window will help minimize drilling risks.

"The vision of the collaborative industry WITSML standard is to make this type of cross application network data transfer into a plug-and-play routine," said Matthew Kirkman, drilling excellence, Azerbaijan for BP and member of the WITSML SIG Operator Steering Committee. "We appreciate the efforts of Knowledge Systems and INTEQ as they continue to apply WITSML to new workflows with significant value to the industry."

According to Stephen Edwards, real-time wellbore stability project manager for BP, "WITSML and Knowledge Systems' Drillworks software give us the opportunity to perform real-time wellbore stability analysis from our office on a well anywhere in the world. This is a capability we have not previously had and we are looking forward to applying it to support wellsite operations on challenging wells in the near future."

"At INTEQ, we recognize that getting timely data in the hands of decision-makers, either at the rig on in an office, is critical to improving the drilling process in challenging environments," said Bob Macdonald, Vice President, North America Region, INTEQ. "The combination of our RigLink system, a WITSML connection and the Drillworks common data platform from Knowledge Systems provides a streamlined data transfer mechanism allowing us to meet our customer's needs for wellbore stability management."

"We are excited to achieve this milestone with BP and INTEQ," said William Standifird, vice president of operations for Knowledge Systems. "By pushing the boundaries of engineering and geoscience technology with our Drillworks software and services, we enable operators to reduce time to first oil and achieve new levels of risk reduction, cost savings and drilling performance along the way."

David Archer, president and CEO of POSC said "This is a compelling example of an XML-based industry standard enabling innovation and significant new capabilities. The successful deployment by these SIG members further establishes WITSML as a robust standard for transferring real-time information between the wellsite and analytical tools. I congratulate BP, INTEQ and Knowledge Systems for their efforts. I also challenge them along with others in the WITSML community, to continue to innovate through the WITSML standard."

Knowledge Systems and INTEQ are planning other deployments of the Drillworks WITSML technology to provide improved remote and onsite surveillance services