Ferguson Launches Newly Designed Modular Accommodation Units

Ferguson Modular, a member of the Ferguson Group, launched its 2005-design accommodation modules, representing the first £2million of an overall £6million investment for the year.

"These industry leading modules maintain Ferguson's reputation for leading the field in high quality offshore accommodation," comments Gary Wilson, Ferguson divisional manager, module hire.

The 'A60' modules have been designed to the industry recognized DNV standards, and fully conform to DNV2.7-1 / EN12079 regulation.

"Ferguson Group continues to make significant investments in its rental fleets across the group and the module hire division continues to grow on the back of this strategy," adds Gary Wilson.

"This new design maximizes floor space internally, and minimizes hook up time through what we refer to as plug and play technology. The design also incorporates Ferguson's industry-leading linkable corridor, introduced in 1993 and extensively used throughout the world".

Interiors have been redesigned with a view to providing contemporary and comfortable surroundings for personnel through the use of maple finishes, soft light colours, specially selected mattresses and high quality furnishings. The design includes an en-suite shower/bathroom with underfloor heating.

Mike McKay, divisional manager, manufacturing at Ferguson Group's Inverurie operation explained some of the design detail:

"The new DNV standards required us to reposition the lifting and stacking pillars, previously on the corners. Taking them inboard has had the added benefit of enabling an overhang when on deck, giving the operator better space utilization if required. We also increased the outer steel skin for extra strength and safety, although we have been able to keep the class leading overall weight down to less than 14.5 tons – a very important factor on vessels and platforms".

The new specification includes:

  • Redesigned robust air conditioning systems suitable for global use are included as standard. Cabin temperature can be controlled individually for each cabin.
  • Ferguson Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) fire and gas detection system fitted as standard.
  • All hook up services are located within the external recess of the module further reducing the time taken to hook up and commission the modules offshore.
  • Universally sized windows can be replaced with escape hatches when required.
  • An en-suite Shower room and toilet are included in each cabin and have been redesigned for ease of cleaning. Non-slip tile and underfloor heating fitted as standard for increased safety and comfort.
  • Mattresses selected from a specialist manufacture to ensure maximum comfort.
  • High density curtains for increased privacy
  • increased levels of soundproofing for 24-hour sleeping ability.
  • High quality maple finishes fitted as standard.
  • Up to 8 person capacity