Lift Off for Red Spider's Injection Valve in Norway

Red Spider Technology's High-Lift Injection Valve has successfully completed seven months in operation in Well A-25 on BP Norge's Valhall platform in the Norwegian North Sea.

Deployed below a retrievable packer, the innovative debris-tolerant High-Lift Injection Valve has allowed BP Norge to dispose of excess drill cuttings safely and efficiently on the Valhall platform at an average injection rate through the device of 6to 8 bbl/min with a wellhead pressure of 4400 to 4500psi. The total injected through the device during its first month in service was about 37,000bbl.

Eirik Malmin, BP Norge Well Intervention Engineer, said: "Waste injection is crucial for being able to commence continuous operation of the Valhall field. A-25B is our backup waste injector, but its importance is nevertheless very high.

"After the well failed its integrity test twice within five months costing us five days wireline operation each time it was decided to start looking for something new and different.

"The High-Lift Injection Valve from Red Spider was presented to us and we immediately found its design very interesting. The valve was successfully installed in September 2004 and has since then proven its reliability."

"In the BP Norge Valhall A-25 application, Red Spider's High-Lift Injection Valve has been proven in conditions where a considerable amount of debris is present by successful inflow testing. Features such as the high-lift mechanism, large flow area and a self-cleaning seat have provided the operators with a fit-for-purpose design which functions correctly under the most hostile of conditions."

Red Spider's 'High-Lift' Injection Valve has been specifically designed in response to an oil industry requirement to inject large volumes of water into reservoirs to maintain the pressures required to optimize production levels. Through its simple design it offers improved reliability and performance, and lower maintenance costs.

The valve's operating mechanism is not flow rate or depth sensitive which makes the tool extremely versatile, allowing it to be installed anywhere in the well bore without the need for adjustment, a feature which greatly simplifies clients' operational planning and logistics. The new valve is also debris friendly, eliminating debris ingress - one of the main reasons for failure of injection valves, especially in older completions. The flow exit area of the valve has been greatly enhanced to ensure a very smooth flow path while providing a negligible flowing pressure drop through the valve.