DMAS Contracts On The Up Down Under

Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services has secured contracts on all four sides of Australasia this month providing accommodation to five new customers in the region.

New contracts valued at approximately $350,000 AUD have been won with Origin Energy, Woodside Petroleum, Baker Hughes Inteq, BJ Services and Schlumberger for projects in the North West of Australia down to the Bass Strait and New Zealand in the South.

All the contracts, which are for periods between two and twelve months, involve the provision of one of Duffy & McGovern's 20 x 8 ft engineering modules, which was featured at the successful AustralAsian Oil and Gas Show in February 2005.

"The engineering cabins in our fleet attracted significant interest at the show and also during our road show event in the same week, when we took the cabin out on the road to various Perth business hotspots," says Jonathan Silbert, Duffy & McGovern's representative in Perth. "The result has been an upsurge in orders from all over the continent and we're delighted to be able to meet those requirements."

Duffy & McGovern has secured three, one-year contracts with Origin Energy, Woodside and Baker Hughes Inteq in the region. Origin Energy will receive a 20 x 8ft zone 1 engineering cabin kitted out as a lunch room, including fridge, worktop space, microwave and seating area for use in a zone 1, hazardous area of the unique Yolla Drill Ace platform in the Bass Strait.

For Woodside, a 20 x 8 ft, DNV 2.7.1 unit will serve as additional office accommodation on the Goodwin A platform in North West Australia.

Whilst Baker Hughes Inteq has requested a 20 x 8 ft, zone 1 mud logging cabin to be used as additional, stand-by unit in its fleet and for potential use on a project in New Zealand.

Duffy & McGovern will shortly have two engineering cabins stationed on the Goodwin A, with a 20 x 8 zone 1 test cabin also being shipped out to the platform for use by Schlumberger as a technicians' test cabin. The cabin will remain on the platform for three months, while leak detection and data acquisition work is carried out.

Finally, BJ Services has commissioned a zone 1 technicians cabin from DMAS for use alongside its own Perth fleet of cabins over a three-month period from early June. "The 20 x 8 engineering cabins are superbly versatile as demonstrated by this diverse range of functions," continues Silbert. "All the units in the fleet also have the benefit of being fully compliant with the recently withdrawn APEA standards, which are similar to DNV2.7.1. Many operators are still specifying these standards for projects and are keen to ensure that these higher levels of safety are implemented even on their temporary cabins."

All the cabins for these contracts will be supplied from Duffy & McGovern's Perth fleet which comprises ten 20 x 8 ft cabins and sleeping accommodation units, and is managed locally in Perth to provide 24/7 in-country support for customers.