Dockwise Delivers Accommodation Rig in Rotterdam

Dockwise Shipping will deliver the 6,130-ton state-of-the-art accommodation rig Atlantic Esbjerg in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Dockwise was awarded the contract for sea transportation of the Atlantic Esbjerg by Atlantic Marine Offshore Services of Dubai, United Arab Emirates from Sharjah, U.A.E. to Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The accommodation rig has a length of 62,00 meter, a width of 51,21 meter and a leg length of 86,40 meter. Although the Mighty Servant 3 has a beam of 40 meter the width of the rig created an overhang of 5.6 meter on each side.

As the spudcans of the rig have a height of 3.7 meter the cribbing on deck of the Mighty Servant 3 has an enormous height of 4 meters.

Atlantic Marine Services has a 3-years commitment with Maersk Oil & Gas for accommodation support in the Maersk fields offshore Esbjerg, Denmark. For this purpose the rig, formerly a production unit in the Persian Gulf, has been converted at the Lamprell and Dubai Drydocks yards in the U.A.E. After conversion the rig complies with the latest North Sea standards.

After a voyage of 34 days and 10,890 nautical miles the Atlantic Esbjerg will arrive at Rotterdam on 27 May afternoon. The Mighty Servant 3 will discharge the Atlantic Esbjerg in the sink-hole located in the 8th Petroleum port in the Rotterdam Maasvlakte. Hereafter the rig will be completed and christened after which it will be towed to its final destination offshore Esbjerg.