CAPCO Recompletes Oil Well in Galveston County, Tx

CAPCO Energy says the second well recompletion in its Caplen Field, Galveston County, Texas, the ZF No. 11, is presently flowing oil at an initial rate of 121 barrels of oil per day from a depth of 6,500 feet. The well was originally completed in January 2005 at an initial flowing rate of 160 barrels of oil per day, but production was hampered with sanding problems. A successful "gravel pack" procedure was performed to prevent sand production and permit the flow of oil.

CAPCO had previously acquired a service rig as rigs are in short supply in the area. CAPCO will apply a similar gravel pack procedure for other wells in the field and expects additional development to continue without interruption. CAPCO is the operator of the field and owns a 61% working interest in about 6,000 gross acres of land containing a total of 11 wells. Prior to the recompletion of the ZF No. 11 well, the field had a production level of about 75 barrels of oil per day.