Landmark and SGI Jointly Market GeoProbe Software

Landmark Graphics Corp. and SGI have entered an agreement to jointly market GeoProbe(TM) software and SGI(R) Reality Center(TM) facilities. The GeoProbe software was developed by Magic Earth.

The combination of Magic Earth's GeoProbe and SGI Reality Center technologies is revolutionizing the search for oil and gas. Landmark and SGI will be working together closely to meet the rapidly accelerating demand for large-scale visualization technology in today's increasingly competitive energy markets.

This new joint agreement extends an existing long-term working relationship between Landmark and SGI by creating a unique marketing arrangement. Under this new agreement, during the sale of GeoProbe, Landmark and Magic Earth will work closely with SGI to define a suitable large-scale computer and display environment that fits the customer's requirements.

"Landmark is pleased to partner with SGI in this joint marketing effort," said John Gibson, president and CEO of Landmark. "Competition in oil and gas exploration is constantly increasing, and the combination of GeoProbe and the SGI Reality Center facilities gives our customers unique advantages in locating new reserves and identifying by-passed plays. This agreement between Landmark and SGI meets the demand for this technology that we are seeing. Although we have only recently completed the merger of Magic Earth into the Halliburton companies, customer interest in GeoProbe and SGI systems is exceeding our initial expectations."

"There are more than 550 SGI Reality Center facilities around the world, over 120 of them in the energy sector," added SGI CEO Bob Bishop. "The future of the oil and gas industry lies in the visualization of huge amounts of complex data and borderless collaboration of oil industry professionals, resulting in significantly improved decision making and reduced business risk. We look forward to working with Landmark on the implementation of visualization infrastructures, enabling a paradigm shift in the global search for oil."

Under the marketing agreement, Landmark will provide the overall project leadership, application software and software-related consulting services; SGI will provide the hardware, display system and consulting services associated with setting up the environment. The combined expertise of Landmark and SGI in the implementation of these systems should result in optimized solutions at increased value vs. independently assembled components.

Reality Center facilities immerse users in virtual environments so they can explore, understand and communicate about their data in ways not possible in the physical world. This approach helps the users arrive at better decisions collaboratively in less time, providing enormous cost savings while enhancing productivity.