Facilitators UK Wins Major Contract from Chevron

Performance improvement consultancy firm, Facilitators UK, has won a contract with Chevron and received recognition for developing best practice within the company.

Under the £400,000 contract, Facilitators UK has been tasked to review and improve Chevron's work planning and reporting processes across all of the company's European assets, onshore and offshore.

The offshore assets include the Captain and Alba production facilities, plus a number of other producing assets in the North Sea.

The scope of work revolves around the development of a more consistent planning process across assets, and a framework for assessing and linking activities, plus the creation of plan monitoring and reporting systems.

Work is already underway, and Chevron has been so impressed with the results so far that it has taken the step of citing the Facilitators UK work as international best practice following an assessment by Chevron's US-based review group.

Facilitators UK partner Clive Randall said: "Our role is to provide an effective business tool for Chevron. This tool, apart from establishing a consistent and effective planning process, will take the boundaries of planning further and assist in the delivery of its longer term activities.

"The whole process is aimed at providing better quality long term planning and decision making to streamline activities, improve efficiency, manage resources and deliver commitments.

"At Facilitators UK we connect people with improved performance and we feel greatly honoured that Chevron's review group has cited our processes as international best practice."