Introducing the Industry's First Engineered Hardband Solution

After two years of research, development and testing, Grant Prideco, Inc. of Houston, Texas has introduced Platinum HB, a totally new hardband solution. Platinum HB delivers both industry-best casing protection and best-in-class tool joint protection in casing, a feat never before achieved in a hardband.

"Grant Prideco has created a patent-pending, proprietary hardband that is ideal for operators and pipe owners alike," said Brett Chandler, Manager, Marketing and Product Management, Drilling Products and Services, Grant Prideco. "Platinum HB employs near-nanoscale microconstituents to provide high strength for wear performance and high toughness necessary to resist cracking and spalling in the most severe downhole applications."

Platinum HB's superior performance has been proven in laboratory testing of hundreds of samples, including leading competitors. Casing wear tests showed a 31% reduction in casing wear over the nearest competitive hardband. At the same time, radial tool joint wear in casing was reduced 55% compared to the next best casing-friendly solution.

"The Platinum HB alloy has been meticulously engineered to contract and expand at the same rate as the tool joint steel to eliminate cracking during application and in the field," stated Chandler. "Matching the coefficient of thermal expansion of the hardband material to the base tool joint steel is an industry-first and is a patent-pending process. As a result, Platinum HB is virtually crack-free and can be easily reapplied over itself."

Platinum HB was developed in partnership with The NanoSteel Company&tm;, headquartered in Maitland, Florida. The NanoSteel Company is an international leader in the research, development and production of nanomaterials.

Grant Prideco, headquartered in Houston, Texas, is the world leader in drill stem technology development and drill pipe manufacturing, sales and service; a global leader in drill bit technology, manufacturing, sales and service; and a leading provider of high-performance engineered connections and premium tubular products and services.