Bentec Launches New 2500 HP Rig

Bentec Drilling & Oilfield Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Abbot Group plc, unveiled the impressive new 2,500 hp rig T-150 it has been building for the Mittelplate Consortium (RWE Dea AG as operator/ Wintershall AG) at Bentec's manufacturing facility in Bad Bentheim, Germany.

The Mittelplate Consortium awarded the €38 million contract for the construction of the new drilling rig to Bentec as part of the further development of the Mittelplate field, Germany's largest offshore oil field. The rig will be operating on the artificial drilling and production island Mittelplate situated in the Tidelands.

Uwe Singer, Bentec Managing Director, commented, "We are delighted to be celebrating the completion of this project on schedule and on budget. The rig fabrication has been an outstanding success, and represents a milestone for Bentec, as T-150 is one of the biggest and heaviest drilling units that we have manufactured in Bad Bentheim. The award of this contract recognized our exceptional track record in rig design and construction, and the excellent manufacturing facilities on-site at the company's global head quarters in Germany."

"As the rig will be operating in an environmentally sensitive area it has been manufactured to an extremely high specification, with a zero spill policy, low noise and reduced emissions. We were able to meet the client's stringent requirements and time schedule due to the exceptional team work, commitment and expertise of all those involved."

On behalf of the Mittelplate operator, Dr. Georg Schöning, Chairman of the Board of RWE Dea stated, "In addition to the new drilling rig, our strategy for the Mittelplate development includes a pipeline-system from the production island to the Dieksand onshore base and the upgrade of the production facilities. The new rig delivered today by Bentec will play an important role in increasing production and safeguarding the environment."

The existing rig derrick is due to be demobilized in the Summer, and the new rig will then be installed, together with new multiphase pumps and additional electrical gear. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of the year.

The new drilling unit is capable of drilling to a depth of 25,000 ft. Mechanized pipehandling systems are installed in the 1.1 million lbs hookload derrick, which is equipped with 2,500hp drawworks, and a topdrive delivering 63,000 ft/lbs continuous torque. The mud system has three 2,200hp mud pumps rated to 7,500 psi.