Shell Awards Landmark E&P Data Contract

Halliburton Company and Landmark Graphics announced that Landmark's application services and data services provider, GrandBasin, has been awarded a three-year E&P data management contract by Shell Exploration and Production Company. The scope of the work includes management of more than two terabytes of Shell seismic data using PetroBank(TM), the most advanced data management system in the E&P industry, and online access to using GrandBasin's Web-based Surf and Connect(TM) application. Shell chose to outsource their E&P data management to GrandBasin because the PetroBank technology, acquired through Landmark's purchase from PGS Data Management, is closely aligned to their vision of leveraging technology and services to improve their data management processes.

"This data management contract is an excellent example of the great partnerships that result from global organizations like Halliburton and Shell Exploration and Production working to leverage advanced technology like online, Web-based data access," said Dave Lesar, chairman, president and CEO of Halliburton. "The decision by Shell to outsource their data management to GrandBasin is a clear indication of the confidence that they have in the direction that we are taking the PetroBank technology and the data management direction that Landmark is taking. This contract is one of a series of successes that we have had recently in E&P data management around the world. We are excited by the rapid progress that we are making in this area of our business."

The contract consists of three basic elements: (1) Shell's outsourcing of their seismic data management to GrandBasin using PetroBank; (2) Leveraging the integration capabilities of GrandBasin's Web-based Surf and Connect application to provide online data access to Shell users; (3) Incorporating new developments in PetroBank corporate data management technology from GrandBasin and Landmark into the partnership.

"Shell, a key customer of ours in data management worldwide, recognized the strategic importance of the PetroBank vision many years ago by actively participating in its architecture and development," said John Gibson, Landmark's president and CEO. "They chose to outsource their E&P data management to us today because we will provide them with improved access to the right data at the right time that will enable them to focus on their core business."

GrandBasin's data management strategy will enable Shell to couple their data flows with their work processes. They will also be able to aggregate data and manage their project data dynamically.