Corridor to Test McCully C-67 Well

Corridor Resources has drilled the McCully C-67 well to a total depth of 2480 meters and is currently undertaking wireline logging operations prior to conducting flow-testing at the well. Following completion of logging operations, tubing will be run in the hole and the drilling rig will be moved off the well. Testing equipment will then be hooked up at the wellsite and a series of open hole flow tests will be undertaken. It is expected that results of the flow tests will be reported later this month.

The McCully field, located near Sussex in south central New Brunswick, is estimated to contain in excess of one trillion cubic feet of gas-in-place in the Hiram Brook formation. Two wells have been on production for two years supplying natural gas at an average rate of two million cubic feet per day to a limited local market. The continuing excellent production performance of these wells has demonstrated the potential for future wells in the McCully field to supply significant volumes of natural gas to larger markets in New Brunswick and New England.

Corridor is a junior oil and gas exploration and production company, headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with interests onshore in New Brunswick and Quebec, and offshore in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.