Houston American Energy Logs Pay at South Sibley Prospect

Houston American Energy reports that the first well on its South Sibley Prospect in Northern Louisiana has reached total depth of 10,610'. Based on electric log analysis apparent pay sands were found in Mooringsport, Hosston A, Hosston B & Hosston C sections. Production casing is being run and the well will be tested as soon as the completion rig is available. Houston American Energy Corp. has a 7.5% Working Interest and an 8.3% Net Revenue Interest in this well. In addition the Company has 3,574 gross acres under lease with a 7.5% Working Interest.

"We are excited about this apparent discovery and we are pleased with our significant acreage position. Initial results are very encouraging and if confirmed by actual production, certainly more wells will be drilled with room for many more locations. This discovery with its associated acreage has the potential to result in a large field for Houston American," said John F. Terwilliger, Chairman, Houston American Energy Corp.