FX Energy to Complete Sroda-4 Well for Production

FX Energy reports that the Sroda-4 discovery well will be completed for production prior to additional testing. Following completion, an extended production test will be run to determine the optimum rate at which the well will be produced. "A number of factors including porosity, permeability and thickness of the Rotliegendes reservoir in addition to the initial flow tests, confirm that this well is commercial. The calculated open flow rate from the initial test of the well was in excess of 25 mmcf per day. The Polish Oil and Gas Company (POGC) will complete the well with all the necessary downhole equipment in place so that the well will be ready for production upon the construction of production facilities," said Andy Pierce, FX Energy's COO.

The Sroda-5 well, the Company's next well in the Fences II project area will be drilled as an appraisal well on the Sroda structure. Work is currently underway to determine the exact location prior to beginning permitting the Sroda-5 well.

The next well to begin drilling under the Company's current operational plans is the Lugi well which is currently in the tender process to select a drilling company.