Halliburton Wins Reservoir Monitoring Contract from JVPC

Halliburton's Energy Services Group was recently awarded a contract to provide its EZ-Gauge(TM) technology on projects in Vietnam for Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company Limited (JVPC), a joint venture company of Nippon Oil Exploration Limited (a subsidiary of Nippon Oil Group), ConocoPhillips, and PetroVietnam Exploration and Production Company (a subsidiary of PetroVietnam). JVPC selected the EZ-Gauge system because it provides a cost-effective, accurate pressure data collection system that is free of downhole electronics. Reliability and longevity of the system is significantly greater than other monitoring technologies.

The most commonly used alternative to EZ-Gauge technology is conventional electronic, permanent downhole gauges. The EZ-Gauge system is designed to reduce cost, improve reliability and improve longevity over these conventional electronic systems. It delivers these improvements especially in downhole environments exceeding about 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

"For quite some time, we have been searching for a reliable downhole monitoring system for our unique and heterogeneous reservoir type (fractured granite basement), which has extremely high downhole temperatures up to 312 degrees Fahrenheit. We have selected to run the EZ-Gauge system, free of downhole electronics, as it is the most suitable solution for our requirements. We look forward to the improved reliability of the EZ-Gauge system and are considering increasing the percentage of wells that can include this downhole instrumentation in the future," said Ha The Giang, senior petroleum engineering manager, JVPC.

All gauges have a life expectancy that varies according to the environment in which they are deployed and operate. The EZ-Gauge system is typically run in high temperature environments that require resilient equipment that holds up over time and maintains the integrity of the data reported.

"The EZ-Gauge system is very reliable in extreme environments," said Jim Renfroe, senior vice president, Halliburton's Production Optimization Division. "For example, in the case of JVPC, most of their wells are granite basement wells with high temperatures. Consequently, a gauge system with downhole electronics in such an environment historically has had a very limited life. The EZ-Gauge system provides long-term, valuable insight into well and reservoir performance."