FMC Successfully Completes UKCS Well Intervention Program

An alliance for the provision of a complete Riser less Light Well Intervention (RLWI) service consisting of Island Offshore Management, FMC Technologies and Maritime Well Service, has successfully completed a riser less well intervention campaign on the Strathspey Field for ChevronTexaco.

Following satisfactory testing in Onarheimsfjorden, the unit Island Frontier went directly to UKCS for a well intervention job consisting of replacing a Down Hole Safety Valve.

The Lubricator package was successfully launched and retrieved and the valve was replaced and tested. Although the work was the first well intervention activity done by Island Frontier, the scope of work was completed according to schedule, which was approximately 5 days from entering the 500 m zone until leaving the same.

The Alliance has been awarded another Light Well Intervention campaign on the UKCS. This campaign is scheduled for late summer 2005.

In the period from May until the middle of July, the Island Frontier will perform excavation services on 850 m water depth for PSL at the Ormen Lange pipe line.

The Unit
The new, dynamically positioned monohull Unit, "Island Frontier," has been designed and built as a well intervention unit, with the latest rules and regulations fully incorporated in the construction. The Unit possesses a North West European UK Safety Case, which allows it to work over live wells on the UKCS.

The unit is equipped with accommodation for up to 74 persons, a 130 ton deck-mounted crane, a 70 tons AHC module handling tower, a work class ROV and an eyeball unit. It is capable of operating in up to 5 meter significant wave height. The 14 knot cruising speed permits speedy transit to any location.

Sub Sea Lubricator
The field proven equipment and technology of FMC Technologies' Sub-sea Lubricator has been installed in a purpose-built frame to minimize manual handling and maximize speed of deployment. Presently the system is offered for operations in water depths to 500 meters, but is capable of deployment to even greater water depths.

Wire line Services
Maritime Well Service AS provides the complete wire line services onboard the Unit comprising the latest control system for wire line and well control. A typical RLWI work scope comprises well maintenance contributing to increased oil recovery (IOR), production logging, replacement of down hole equipment and re-perforations.

Management of the alliance is the responsibility of Island Offshore Management AS.