Landmark Awarded Brazilian E&P Data Management Contract

Halliburton Company and its wholly owned business unit, Landmark Graphics Corp., announced that Landmark has been awarded a four-year E&P data management contract by the Brazilian Geological Service (CPRM). The contract calls for Landmark to provide technology, support and consulting services in organizing, archiving and managing all Brazilian petroleum industry seismic and well E&P data on behalf of the National Petroleum Agency (ANP) located in Rio de Janeiro.

"Technology transfer from Landmark to our staff is vital in order to seek excellence and assure a long-term relationship," remarked Dr. Umberto Costa, president of CPRM. "Based on teamwork, our CPRM and Landmark professionals will be working in the same office in a collaborative and friendly environment."

"This Brazilian contract is another example of our continued growth in the E&P data management business resulting from Landmark's acquisition of PetroBank(TM)," said Dave Lesar, chairman, president and CEO of Halliburton. "An opportunity such as this is the result of global companies like Halliburton, forward-looking organizations such as CPRM and ANP and the market-leading data management solutions provided by Landmark."

"We are extremely pleased to be able to have access to the PetroBank family of comprehensive data management technologies and integration services provided by Landmark," said Giovanni Toniatti, director of ANP. "Landmark's sophisticated technology will add significant value to our E&P data, helping the E&P industry save time and money in their analyses."

In cooperation with national and international members of the oil industry, the Brazilian national E&P databank (BDEP) was created in early 2000 through an agreement between CPRM and ANP. During the four-year E&P data management contract, Landmark will utilize the proven PetroBank system and its leading-edge data management services provider, GrandBasin.

"In the near future, all E&P data will be available via Web-enabled applications, allowing our worldwide clients to access information, select, display and request downloads from any location," commented John Gibson, Landmark's president and CEO. "The application and data services provided by GrandBasin are changing the business dynamics as we know them."

The scope of the work includes managing of all Brazilian E&P public, proprietary and speculative data. BDEP total data today is on the order of 100 terabytes and increasing by the day due to non-stop acquisitions and drilling prospects of this emerging Brazilian E&P market.

GrandBasin is the leading provider of data hosting and management services and vendor-neutral application hosting for the upstream oil and gas industry. Service offerings include 24x365 Web-based access to hosting services and the PetroBank family of comprehensive data management technologies and integration services. GrandBasin delivers anywhere, anytime access to data and the latest analytical knowledge management tools, enabling E&P companies to focus on their core, business-critical activities.