Halliburton Successfully Installs New Sand Control System for Saudi Aramco

Halliburton's Production Optimization Division has successfully installed the first PoroFlex® expandable completion system on the Arabian Peninsula for Saudi Aramco. The sand control technique of expanding screen in an open hole provides a solution for slim-hole side track re-completions that maximize the reservoir exposure while maintaining a sufficiently large internal diameter to allow the desired production rates. In addition, maintaining full bore access facilitates remedial operation during the life of the well.

"The customer was looking for a way to maximize production efficiency and reliably eliminate sand production in the weakly consolidated formation of this field," said Jim Renfroe, senior vice president, Halliburton's Production Optimization Division. "Delivering an open hole completion for Saudi Aramco optimizes their ability to achieve these goals."

Halliburton's high strength PoroFlex expandable completion system can be equipped with zone isolation to provide improved flexibility in complex reservoir conditions. In addition, the technology provides a cost-effective solution that allows existing wells to be sidetracked using high angle or horizontal wells to increase reservoir exposure and production potential while maintaining wellbore access and durability.

A VersaFlex(TM) expandable screen suspension tool was utilized to suspend the screen in the well. The VersaFlex tool technology provides a reliable seal and ample hanging capacity between the screen and the parent casing. This was also the first deployment of Halliburton's expandable hanger technology in the region. Additionally, the 1,374 feet (418.8 meters) of expandable technology deployed on this project represents the greatest linear feet of screen installed in a single well to date for Halliburton.