Stratos Introduces StratosMax

Stratos Global announced the commercial launch of StratosMAX, a new, next-generation broadband wireless access (BWA) network that maximizes the performance, flexibility and scalability of remote voice and data communications in the Gulf of Mexico, while minimizing the complexity of deployment for offshore rigs, production platforms, and other users.

Four leading offshore energy companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico have already signed up for StratosMAX, which leverages the latest developments in WiMAX broadband wireless technology, together with Stratos' unmatched network backbone infrastructure, to deliver reliable, always-on data and voice connectivity at a lower cost than traditional satellite and wireless solutions.

Stratos is showcasing StratosMAX at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), May 2-5, 2005, at the Reliant Center in Houston, TX, booth No. 4075.

StratosMAX provides offshore drilling and production companies with a secure and reliable platform for delivering up to 2 Mbps of capacity to support a full range of IP-based data applications, as well as multiple voice lines for telephone connectivity. Because it is connected to Stratos' industry-leading terrestrial backbone network, StratosMAX customers have complete interconnectivity between their remote operations in the Gulf of Mexico and other locations throughout the world, regardless of technology platform.

"StratosMAX is a revolutionary step forward in remote communications technology for the offshore drilling and production industry in the Gulf of Mexico," said Jim Parm, Stratos' president and chief executive officer. "By combining the wireless capabilities of WiMAX with the unmatched capacity of Stratos' backbone network, StratosMAX provides a truly latency-free voice and data communications service that is easily and affordably deployable to offshore platforms."

"No other technology can match the performance, affordability and simplicity of StratosMAX," continued Mr. Parm. "As the recognized leader in remote communications services to the offshore energy industry in the Gulf of Mexico, Stratos is proud to be pioneering this next-generation communications service."

The StratosMAX broadband wireless network is powered by Alvarion's industry-leading BreezeAccess technology, which is the world's most deployed broadband wireless platform. To date, Stratos has rolled out nearly half of the approximately 40 backbone locations that will power the StratosMAX network, as well as designing several customized solutions for individual customers, based on the StratosMAX platform. The remaining backbone sites will be installed by mid-July, providing an even greater coverage area.