BJ Services to Use MainControl for Technology Needs

MainControl Inc. announced that BJ Services Company has selected MainControl's MC/EMpower(TM) to provide seamless tracking and management of remote corporate technology assets internationally.

BJ Services chose MainControl Inc. because of their unique ability to reconcile the assets discovered in the field against the existing contract and financial information. MC/EMpower's inventory collection feature will play a large role immediately. It allows BJ Services to quickly and cost-effectively scan, collect and report information on deployed hardware and software assets in their headquarters and remote locations by leveraging their existing email messaging infrastructure. This email based automated inventory collection process greatly reduces the costs and time typically associated with inventory projects. BJ plans to expand from inventory to full-life cycle management. MainControl's ability to prove compatibility with their often overlooked Lotus Notes infrastructure also proved pivotal in the decision making process. BJ examined other competitors, but were inclined toward MainControl's strategic ability to provide full-life-cycle asset management.

"MainControl's MC/EMpower was the clear choice due to its ability to track our remote assets while providing the foundation for true-full-life-cycle asset management in the future," said Jim Nelson, Manager of Network Development and Support. "It was also very important to BJ Services that the vendor we selected be able to integrate information from multiple functional areas within our organization. MainControl was able to prove to us that their focus is on providing us with a rapid ROI and that they truly understood the business issues that we needed to address."

"BJ Services is a leader in their field and we are pleased by their decision to implement our solution to meet their business need," said Alex Pinchev, president and CEO of MainControl. "In order to make sound decisions about their remote technology investments, they must be able to collect, aggregate and access their data efficiently. With MC/EMpower, BJ Services will be able to make informed technology investment decisions which will provide them the technological advantage necessary to achieve their corporate business goals."