Concrete Gravity Base Structure Dock Flooded in Vostochny

Sakhalin Energy reached another major Project milestone on the Sakhalin II Phase 2 Project when the CGBS construction team in Nakhodka (mainland Russia) flooded the basin in which the two CGBS structures have been built on Saturday April 16.

This is a significant achievement not only for Sakhalin Energy, but also for the Russian Federation. It marks a major step forward for Russian industry into the new and technologically advanced arena of offshore oil and gas platform construction. The two CGBS are amongst the biggest structures ever built in Russia and the varied geometry of the legs puts them amongst the most complex concrete slip forming jobs ever undertaken anywhere. The structures are the first of their type to be built in Russia - with a workforce of some 2,000 Russian nationals involved in their construction and an overall Russian content level of some 85%.

Flooding of the dock started at 8 pm on Saturday and it took approximately 24 hours to complete the first stage in the flooding process. The structures will now be stabilised in the dock while leak testing occurs and then floated. When this is complete the last four meters of water will be pumped into the dock and the bund wall separating the dock from the sea will be removed. They will then be towed to their locations on the Lunskoye and Piltun fields, where they will be carefully ballasted onto the seabed during the summer of 2005.