Lexington Resources Pleased with Coal Creek Drilling Results

Lexington Resources says the Coal Creek Lease, LEX 1 horizontal CBM well located in Hughs County, Oklahoma has shown calculated open flow ("CAOF") rates to exceed 700 MCF/Day. These preliminary indications show the LEX 1 well to have the best gas flows of any of the wells drilled by the Company to date. The well is reporting preliminary gas flows in excess of 500-600MCF/Day with held back pressures of 120 psi. A 7,000-foot section of six inch below ground gas pipeline is in the process of being completed, but anticipated initial production will be directed into a temporary surface pipeline to allow near immediate production from the well, which started to produce gas faster than completion crews anticipated.

The LEX 1 well is the first of an estimated 12 to 16 potential well sites that are situated on Company-owned Coal Creek leases. Lexington Resources is currently drilling its second Coal Creek horizontal CBM gas well, the "Brumbaugh #1-10" (see summary, below).

Coal Creek Lease, Brumbaugh #1-10 Gas Well Drilling: The Company is at a measured depth of approximately 3,000 feet into the vertically drilled section of the "Brumbaugh #1-10" horizontal Coal Bed Methane ("CBM") well, having set 400 feet of surface pipe earlier in the week. Tools are being prepared for the drilling of the lateral section of the well. The Brumbaugh #1-10 well follows immediately from the drilling of the Company's LEX 1 well located approximately 2 miles away on the same prospect.

Drilling on this well has encountered a shallow "Bartlesville Sand" gas zone that produced a gas flair in excess of 1,000 MCD/Day upon testing of the zone. The zone is being logged, and undergoing economic and geological study to assess commercial potential of the new, non-CBM gas zone. A similar flair was experienced in the same gas zone on the LEX 1 well to a lesser extent. Options to commingle gas with CBM production or a second well drilled to this new zone will be assessed. The "Bartlesville Sand" gas zone is the first non-CBM gas target that has been found as part of the Company's CBM targeted drilling program.

The Coal Creek Prospect is the third of six leased areas slated for development drilling by the Company as part of the development of its Arkoma Basin gas production initiatives.

To date, the Lexington Resources has implemented development of a total of six wells through its contracted operator, and participated in a seventh well - the POE 1-29 drilled by Newfield Exploration Mid-Continent, Inc., a subsidiary of Newfield Exploration Company, NYSE symbol NFX,. All wells drilled to date have reached the completion stage and have been productive with immediate gas sales to market.