Repsol YPF Implements Wellogix Software

Repsol YPF has begun deployment of Internet software provided by Wellogix Inc. to streamline the specification process for oilfield services, and to enhance engineers' working environments by improving internal communication among project teams. The initial stage of the deployment will focus on a drilling project in Neuquen, Argentina and will center around five service categories: Stimulation, Primary Cementing, Drilling Mud, Logging Services, and Geological Control. The objective of the initial phase is to completely understand the capabilities of the solution and define the workflows that will fully exploit the benefits, before rolling out to other areas.

"As we continually strive to improve our competitiveness, we understand that a more integrated drilling process under the roof of stronger collaboration and knowledge sharing between O&G and service companies is critical for success. Wellogix can enable these required capabilities through their tools and integration to third party applications," said Agustin Diz, Director of E&P e-Business for Repsol YPF. "We anticipate the Wellogix software will positively impact the business processes surrounding the contracts and services of our drilling projects."

With the addition of Repsol YPF to its customer list, Wellogix begins a new stage of growth in the international arena. The Repsol YPF project will be the first customer-led project processed through the Wellogix software from outside the North American continent.

"Repsol YPF presented us with a challenge and an enormous opportunity," said John Chisholm, co-CEO of Wellogix, "and we're up to that challenge. We've developed a seamless, usable software package that's valuable worldwide, and we feel there's no better partner to help us prove that than a company as forward-thinking and committed to quality as Repsol YPF. We look forward to working with the Repsol team to help improve their business processes."