Advanced Production and Loading Opens Office in Kuala Lumpur

Over years, APL has developed considerable business in the Asia Pacific region, including China where it has completed 5 Offshore Development projects involving local manufacturers working for APL.

As APL provides 24-hour round-the-clock technical solutions to its clients and with the growing activities for the company in this region, it has considered opening an office in the Asia for some time in order to expand its resources and engineering capabilities to serve clients in the same time zone.

After considering several alternatives, the company APL Asia Sdn Bhd was incorporated December 6, 2004 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and was given approval as Operational Headquarter (OHQ) by the Malaysian Authorities March 29, 2005.

Malaysia is chosen as the site because of its strategic geographical location, political and economic stability, English-educated workforce, good infrastructure, excellent communication facilities and relatively lower costs of doing business compared to other countries in the region.

APL Asia Sdn Bhd will carry out development, design and technical sale support of mooring and turret systems as well as specialized equipment for ships.

APL Asia Sdn Bhd already generates employment opportunities for Malaysians, particularly in the engineering field, and anticipates employing Malaysian professional/ technical/ skilled staff. The office, with available space for 25 people, is so far staffed with 10 engineers, and a 2.nd recruiting campaign is currently executed. The employees will experience international exposure and training opportunities. So far, 6 of the staff have been to Norway for familiarization and training. 2 engineers is currently part of APL's Site Team at Sembawang Shipyard and further on-the-job training is planned at sub-contractors and clients project sites located in the region.