BJ Introduces New Top-Drive Casing Alignment Tool

BJ Tubular Services has introduced the Top-Drive Casing Alignment Tool, a new system that offers a simple, yet safer approach to running tubulars.

Known as the T-CAT, this state-of-the-art tool makes it possible to run tubulars without carrying out hazardous stabbing board operations. By using the T-CAT, tubulars can be made up directly on the rig floor. Operated remotely by one technician, the operator uses the T-CAT to pick up the tubular from the catwalk. He then positions it and makes it up in the rotary, in keeping with traditional industry practice. The entire process is achieved without a stabber, and is operated from the rig floor.

T-CAT Adapts to All Casing Sizes
The T-CAT is designed to handle casings of any size, so it is highly adaptable. Virtually any casing can be run directly from the drillfloor, which minimises manual handling of the casing. In addition, the T-CAT is easily rigged up and down, unlike costly conventional systems that must be permanently installed on the rig's derrick.

Success in the North Sea
Recently, BJ Tubular Services used the T-CAT to run tubulars on behalf of Talisman Energy (UK) Limited from the semi-submersible drilling unit Sedco 714 in the North Sea. "The T-CAT system proved to be reliable when running 13-3/8" buttress casing in marginal weather conditions. Casing was run with remote operation provided by a casing running technician. This eliminated the requirement for a stabber making for a less hazardous operation. Running rates were good, especially given the type of connection and weather conditions," said Fraser Tavendale, drilling superintendent-Sedco 714 for Talisman Energy.

Improved Safety and Efficiencies
The T-CAT is a dramatic step forward, offering a number of key benefits. "In addition to the fact that the T-CAT does away with the need to carry out hazardous stabbing board operations, just one technician is required to operate the T-CAT remotely from the rig floor. This means that personnel are always well out of harm's way, which improves safety standards," said Les Mason, sales and operations manager for BJ Tubular Services. "We designed the T-CAT to keep tubular handling to a minimum, and to manipulate the tubular with great care. As a result, the tubular is much less likely to be damaged, preventing costly repairs down the road," he added.

The T-CAT is the latest addition to BJ Tubular Services' growing portfolio of automated systems, which features the Leadhand, a hydraulic power tong manipulation system, and the Conductor Torquing System, which offers improved safety and efficiencies when making up or breaking out conductor-threaded connections.

BJ Tubular Services is headquartered in Aberdeen, Scotland and operates bases in the United States, South America, Asia Pacific, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. BJ Services Company (BJS-NYSE, CBOE) is a leading provider of pressure pumping and related oilfield services to the petroleum industry. The company operates in every major oil and gas producing region.