Amelot Holdings to Invest in Alaskan Oil & Gas Industry

Amelot Holdings is planning to enter the high-growth oil and gas industry via a major, multi-million dollar investment in productive oil and gas properties.

The purpose of this is to spread the operations and expand the revenue and asset base of the diversified natural resource holding company. It appears that to date it has received commitments of approximately $1,500,000 in equity financing to fund this investment.

The company has secured a team of experts in the oil and gas exploration and development industry to provide assistance in this endeavor.

With its search focusing on the oil and natural gas reserves in the Cook Inlet oil basin of Alaska, Amelot's goal is to acquire a majority interest in oil and gas properties and partner with other major firms in the industry to explore and develop these reserves to their full revenue potential.

"We are excited at the prospect of adding a major investment in the oil and gas industry to our portfolio," comments Aziz Hirji, Chief Executive Officer. "Needless to say, this is a sector that offers a potentially high rate of return and a steady revenue stream to investors for the foreseeable future.

"Global forecasts of the oil and gas industry show that crude oil and natural gas will continue to supply 60% of the world's total energy needs, and global demand for energy is estimated to grow by 9% annually. We will only invest in oil and gas properties that will generate significant revenue and add shareholder value."

He adds that shareholders will be kept informed of any noteworthy progress in this investment search.