DNO Provides Update on Nabrajah #5 Well Testing

Nabrajah #5 produced 5800 BOPD from basement.

As previously reported, oil was produced during the test in Nabrajah #5. The final results from the test using an ESP (Electrical Submersible Pump) were:

5,800 bbls/day oil (38.6 API), 252 bbls/day water and 4,162 Mscf/day of gas.

After a pressure build up test, the well was flowed without downhole pump, and produced:

2,812 bopd of oil (41.9 API), 153 bbls/day water and 3,054 Mscf/day.

Based on the test results, DNO believes that the capacity of the well is higher than what has been achieved from the test.

Basement is also producing in the neighboring Blocks (Block 14 operated by Nexen and Block 10 operated by TotalFinaElf), and production rates of up to 10.000 BOPD have been observed.

Following the test in the basement interval the overlaying Kohlan dolomites will be tested. In this interval strong hydrocarbon indications were also observed while drilling. Furthermore evaluation of electrical logs indicates the presence of hydrocarbons in a 42 meter gross interval in the Kohlan dolomites. The observations of heavier hydrocarbon components during drilling indicate that the hydrocarbons are oil. However, testing is required to confirm the nature of these hydrocarbons.

DNO is the Operator of Block 43 holding a 56.67 % working interest.