Boots & Coots and Hulcher Join Forces

Boots & Coots International Well Control, Inc. has finalized an alliance agreement with Hulcher Professional Services, Inc.

Under the alliance agreement, Hulcher will support Boots & Coots by providing experienced equipment operators and access to its fleet of over 1400 pieces of heavy construction equipment. Hulcher operates from 39 locations strategically located throughout North America and is the premier emergency response provider for the railroad and transportation industries. Under the terms of the agreement, Boots & Coots and Hulcher will provide mutual support for well control and industrial firefighting as well as emergency response assistance in both the upstream and downstream energy industries.

Hulcher joins Halliburton Energy Services, the John Wright Company and ABB Vetco as the company's newest alliance partner.

Jerry Winchester, President and Chief Operating Officer for Boots & Coots stated, "Our alliance with Hulcher will enhance Boots & Coots' overall strategy of providing rapid global emergency response services to our domestic and international customer base. Their equipment, personnel and overall response philosophy is a natural fit to our response teams."