Schilling Robotics & Sub-Atlantic Form JV

Schilling Robotics LLC of Davis, California and Sub-Atlantic Ltd of Aberdeen, U.K. have formed an alliance that pools the companies' resources for sales, service, product development, and marketing. The alliance benefits customers by providing a wide range of subsea vehicles, vehicle components, and control systems that can now be purchased from a single source, and by strengthening worldwide support for alliance products. The two companies are also pooling their technical expertise to enhance existing products and create new ones, yielding cost-effective equipment designed to enhance customer productivity.

Colin Millum, Sub-Atlantic's Joint Managing Director, explains that for subsea intervention products, "No other single entity offers as diverse and complete a product range. The Schilling Sub-Atlantic Alliance offers ROVs, tether management systems, communication and control systems, electric and hydraulic manipulators, tool skids, electrical and hydraulic thrusters, hydraulic power units, valve packs, compensators, pan & tilts, rotary and linear actuators, and cable/connector assemblies." Custom engineering projects will expand and continue to be a key strategic area.

Tyler Schilling, CEO of Schilling Robotics, adds, "By pooling the technical expertise of both companies, the alliance can enhance current products and create new ones more quickly and efficiently. Our products will be more capable, reliable, long-lasting, and efficient than competing equipment, thus lowering the cost of ownership for the life of each product."

Schilling Robotics and Sub-Atlantic share a world-wide network of offices, depots, manufacturing facilities, and agents in the world's major oil-producing regions. All alliance customers have access to 24-hour customer service hot-lines.

When customers contact either Schilling Robotics or Sub-Atlantic, they are automatically contacting the alliance, with its full range of products and services. In deciding which office to call, customers can contact the company with which they have worked mostly closely in the past, or the one that is geographically closest. Sub-Atlantic and Schilling Robotics now maintain a single, joint web site ( with information about the companies' combined products lines.

The two companies are reviewing each other's facilities to see if customers can benefit from spares stocking at these locations. The alliance anticipates supporting all alliance products from bases in the U.K., Norway, U.S. (California and Texas), UAE, Russia, Japan, and Australasia.

Both companies look forward to the changes that their close collaboration will bring. But Tyler Schilling and Colin Millum concur that some things won't change: innovative designs, exceptional product quality, and customer-focused service.