VAALCO Energy Appoints New Director

VAALCO Energy has appointed Mr. Luigi P. Caflisch to the Board of Directors of the Company. Mr. Caflisch will stand for election to the Board at its annual stockholders meeting on June 8, 2005.

Mr. Caflisch has a Doctorate Degree in Geology and until his retirement in 1999, spent 31 years with Gulf Oil and Chevron. During his tenure he held various positions of responsibility in the international area including Managing Director for Africa-Middle East. As a member of Chevron's Management team, Mr. Caflisch shared responsibilities for directing the Company's entire worldwide upstream operations.

Robert L. Gerry, III, Chairman and CEO stated, "We are extremely fortunate to have Mr. Caflisch join our Board. His knowledge of Africa and world wide exploration is unparalleled. Since his retirement he has consulted for a variety of companies on projects in West Africa, the Middle East and the North Sea. We look forward to his advice and input as VAALCO pursues investments to enhance shareholder value."