FX Energy Tests Oil From Railroad Valley Nevada Wildcat

FX Energy has swabbed oil at an undisclosed rate from the Company's East Inselberg well in Railroad Valley, Nevada. The well will undergo an extended production test to determine an optimum production rate. For competitive reasons the Company has elected not to disclose additional details about the well at this time.

MAKOIL owns a 45.4% interest in the well and is the operator. FX Energy owns a 45.4% interest.

The drilling rig from the East Inselberg well will now be moved to the Radio prospect, the next well in the Company's exploration program in Railroad Valley, when road and weather conditions permit. MAKOIL will also be the operator of the Radio well. Current plans call for the two companies to jointly drill the Radio well and three additional exploratory wells in Nevada this year.

FX Energy also reported that the next operations on the Sroda-4 well in the Company's Fences II project area in western Poland will be coring into the Rotliegendes sandstone target reservoir. The well has been successfully cased and cemented to the base of the Zechstein.