Technicoil & Nabors File Suit Against Savanna

On April 1, 2005, Technicoil Corporation and Nabors Canada filed a Statement of Claim in the Court of Queen's Bench of Alberta against Savanna Energy Services Corp., Trailblazer Drilling Corp. (one of Savanna's wholly owned subsidiaries), and two former Technicoil employees now working for Savanna. The suit alleges that the two former employees misappropriated certain confidential and proprietary information with respect to coiled tubing drilling and service rigs. The suit asserts that Savanna incorporated the misappropriated technology in its coiled tubing rigs and is attempting to exclude Technicoil and Nabors from using their own proprietary technology. In mid-March, 2005, Nabors had acquired Technicoil's rights in the proprietary technology and had granted Technicoil a license to continue to use it in its ongoing operations.

In the suit, Technicoil and Nabors seek return of the confidential information and intellectual property they claim was misappropriated, injunctive relief to prevent Savanna and the other defendants from continuing to use the technology, and certain monetary relief.

Technicoil and Nabors filed earlier proceedings in the Federal Court of Canada challenging the validity of a patent Savanna obtained with respect to the technology that Technicoil and Nabors believe was misappropriated. Savanna also recently commenced a suit against Technicoil and Nabors in the Federal Court claiming that Technicoil and Nabors have infringed Savanna's alleged patent rights. Both suits are still pending.

Technicoil, utilizing patented coil tubing equipment and innovative technology, supplies drilling and service operations to the oil and gas industry in North America.