Multiwave Breaks New Ground for BP in Indonesia

Multiwave Geophysical Company has announced the signature of the first ever semi-permanent multi-component (4C) seabed seismic contract between BP Indonesia and Elnusa Geosains (Multiwave Geophysical's Indonesian partner company).

The 4C survey will utilize a revolutionary new method to reduce the effect of current induced noise on multi-component sea floor sensors and is expected to commence in the second quarter 2005.

The method comprises of burying 40km of 4C cable, acquiring data using a source vessel and retrieving the cable from the buried position for repositioning at the next location. Seabed conditions range from soft clays to consolidated sand.

David Lamb, Asia and Pacific Marketing and Sales Manager at Multiwave said, "Multiwave is thrilled to take on this new challenge for BP and feel confident that we, together with Elnusa Geosains, shall deliver better quality 4C data than ever seen before. We expect that this new technique will yield results that set a standard for future reservoir description and monitoring."

Jan Sovik, Vice President Marketing and Commercial at Multiwave, said "This is a milestone in field development not only in Indonesia but in the global arena."

The project is planned to commence in the second quarter 2005.