Lukoil Brings Another Field in the Perm Region Onstream

LUKOIL-Perm has brought on stream the Sofronitskoye field in Kungur oil province of the Perm Region.

Sofronitskoye field (named after the outstanding geologist Pavel Sofronitsky) is the first of four fields prepared for production in Kungur oil province, where oil has been commercially produced for over 40 years.

The field was discovered in 2001 during drilling of wildcat wells. Recoverable reserves of the field under ABC1 and C2 categories are estimated at 0.8 million tons of oil.

Two exploration wells have been re-commissioned with the average flow rate of 36 td (free flow production), a booster pump station and a gathering facility have been built along with the general field surface development. Within 2005 the production will be of 24 mt of oil with peak at 78.8 mt per year.

Other three fields of Kungur are awaiting – Gabyshevskoye, Lesnoye and Mokhovskoye with total recoverable reserves under ABC1 and C2 categories of over 2.7 million tons of oil. Over the next 3 years there will be 11 wells commissioned. The design annual production at Gabyshevskoye will be 21.0 mt, Lesnoye – 19.5 mt and Mokhovskoye – 108.3 mt of oil.

LUKOIL Perm has prepared 12 new fields in various areas of Perm region with total recoverable reserves under ABC1 and C2 categories of over 15 million tons of oil to be developed over the next 3 years