Wood Group Lands Several Contracts for Downhole Sensors

Wood Group Production Technology has received multiple contracts totalling nearly $20 million for its permanent downhole sensors.

A three-year global frame agreement with Shell International Exploration and Production B.V. (SIEP) will provide permanent downhole sensors to Shell operating units. Under this agreement, three-year frame agreements have been signed with Woodside Energy Ltd. and Woodside Mauritania Pty Ltd. to provide permanent downhole monitoring and chemical injection equipment and services for Woodside's instrumented wells, including those of Enfield in Australia and Chinguetti in Mauritania. Operational support for Woodside's contracts will be provided from WGPT's Perth, Australia office.

"Shell has been using our downhole sensors to obtain reliable, vital data for reservoir analysis and production optimization since 1993," stated David Blacklaw, general manager of Wood Group Production Technology. "The frame agreements make it possible for Shell operating units worldwide to obtain the same level of reliability, with the added benefit of global economies of scale."

Additionally, WGPT will provide monitoring systems to be installed in Saudi Aramco's Al Qatif, Haradh, Ain Dar and Shedgum fields in Saudi Arabia. WGPT, working in Saudi Arabia with the Shoaibi Group, is expected to provide additional systems to be installed in Saudi Aramco fields. Wood Group Production Technology has installed more than 600 permanent downhole sensor systems, more than half of which are subsea.