Astrata Wins Multi-Million Dollar Contract from Brunei Shell

Astrata Group reports that Brunei Shell Petroleum Company has awarded Astrata (B) Sdn Bhd a five-year contract for the provision of location-based services to support their oil and gas exploration activities. The multi-million-dollar contract will include the supply of world-class high-precision geomatics services and mobile telematics solutions, including the supply of Astrata's innovative Geo-Location Platform ("Astrata-GLP," known as "Sirius" outside the United States), the world's smallest and most technologically advanced fleet management and vehicle real-time tracking technology.

Brunei Shell Petroleum Co. Sdn Bhd's activity is primarily exploring for and producing crude oil and natural gas from onshore and offshore fields. The company's average production level in 2000 was 190,000 barrels per day for oil and 28.87 million m3 per day for gas. The company is strongly committed to environmental protection and improvement. Its environmental policies require air emissions reduction, minimizing use of resources, and control of effluent discharges, waste management and disposal, oil spills, and site remediation.

For the last ten years, Astrata's senior management has been actively involved with BSP projects, providing precise positioning, offshore survey services, land survey services and automatic vessel tracking. The Company recently established Astrata (B) Sdn Bhd in Kuala Belait, Brunei, to provide direct local support to Astrata's expanding operations in the area.

Sandy Borthwick, Managing Director for Astrata's Asia Pacific region, said, "We are extremely pleased to receive this new five-year contract with BSP. Historically, we have a long-standing relationship with this company and are well experienced with its geomatics and positioning needs. Moreover, we are fully committed to BSP's strict Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) procedures."

Anthony Harrison, CEO of Astrata Group Incorporated, commented, "Astrata's international growth since becoming a U.S. public company in August 2004 has been rapid but carefully guided. Our new Astrata Geo-Location Platform is being rapidly embraced by governments and multi-national corporations with large fleets of vehicles and containers that require continual remote monitoring and control for their security and that of the population. At the same time, we continue to refine our state-of-the-art geomatics and telematics services to meet the exacting needs of customers in the mining, construction and utilities industries as well as various governments."