Duffy & McGovern Wins Pemex Contract

Duffy & McGovern Accommodation Services secures major contract to provide modular living quarters for Pemex in the Gulf of Mexico.

The eight cabin complex, which will house up to 64 personnel at full capacity, will be used by Secunda Marine on the Bold Endurance vessel which is working on a Pemex contract in the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico.

The contract, which is worth around $1.7 million to Duffy & McGovern, was brokered by the company's Canadian agent, Associated Marine, with units provided from the company's extensive fleet of cabins in New Orleans.

Vice president of US operations for Duffy & McGovern, Glenn Aguilar, said: "As a Canada-based company Secunda Marine has always had a long established relationship with Duffy & McGovern in Canada and we are delighted that through our network of offices we have been able to satisfy their requirements for the Bold Endurance vessel in the Gulf of Mexico.

"As a company Duffy & McGovern was quick to respond to stiffening regulations on offshore accommodation in the Gulf of Mexico and for a long time has been the only provider of rental accommodation in the region able to meet the new FTP codes. In addition, the Bold Endurance is a DNV vessel, demanding higher specification accommodation, which Duffy & McGovern was again able to meet comfortably with its US accommodation modules."

Duffy & McGovern's Bold Endurance accommodation complex will supplement the permanent living quarters during in-field construction work and is scheduled to remain on the vessel for a full four years with options to extend at the end of the contract.

The state-of-the-art complex comprises eight 40 x 10ft eight-man A60 sleeper cabins, stacked over two stories. With luxury outfitting, the units include en-suite bathrooms, full ventilation and advanced air conditioning systems to suit the hot and humid Gulf of Mexico climate. External connecting walkways, staircases and a sewage treatment module are also included, as is technical and commissioning assistance supported by the team of Duffy & McGovern engineers from the Belle Chasse facility in Louisiana.

Changes in 2003 to the US Coastguard (USCG) regulations governing offshore accommodation mean that for an increasing number of operators their existing accommodation fleets are no longer up to standard. Duffy & McGovern is currently providing accommodation for over 20 companies in the Gulf of Mexico and is the only firm able to offer fully compliant SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) and IMO (International Maritime Organisation) living quarters in the region.

Duffy & McGovern has a fleet of over 230 accommodation cabins throughout the world, with over a third based in the Americas.