Amberjack to Provide Export Pipeline Transport for Tahiti

Amberjack Pipeline Company will provide oil export pipeline transportation for the Tahiti prospect in the Gulf of Mexico. The Tahiti prospect is located in Green Canyon Blocks 596, 597, 640, and 641 and is owned by Chevron U.S.A. Inc., EnCana Gulf of Mexico LLC, and Shell Gulf of Mexico, Inc. Amberjack will construct, own and operate a 20" minimum diameter pipeline originating at the Tahiti facility in Green Canyon Block 641 and terminating at a Shell platform in Green Canyon Block 19 where it will connect to the existing Amberjack pipeline system and other existing oil pipeline infrastructure. The new pipeline will be completed and available to the Tahiti facility in 2007. Amberjack Pipeline Company LLC is owned by Shell Pipeline Company LP and Chevron Pipe Line Company.