BMB Munai Logs Pay with Dolinnoe-2 Well in Kazakhstan

BMB Munai, announced preliminary results of ongoing research and testing on the Dolinnoe-2 well. The Dolinnoe-2 well is located in the Dolinnoe oil field of the Company's ADE Block in western Kazakhstan.

Preliminary results demonstrated the presence of four productive zones in Triassic formations at a depth interval of 3510 - 3693 meters. According to the conclusion of specialists from Baker Atlas who performed geophysical analysis, 17 productive layers with thickness of 1 meter to 10.5 meters have been identified. Total oil-saturated thickness may reach up to 59.2 meters.

The initial results of preliminary testing indicate the commercial value of oil reserves in a carbonate member of middle-Triassic layer of the Dolinnoe field. Two of the four discovered productive zones are currently placed under testing. Test production rate on the second interval was between 315 and 372 bbl per day with a 10-mm diameter choke and test production rate of the fourth interval was between 190 and 504 bbl per day with an 8-mm diameter choke. The extracted crude oil has the following characteristics: light (average density 0.8165 g/cm3), high paraffin content (up to 21.11%), low-resin, with potential for light fractions outflow up to 40%. Gas has propane content (up to 38.9%) and low content of ethane-pentane fractions. Formation pressure is 494 Atm which is significantly higher than hydrostatic pressure and indicates the presence of AHPP (abnormally high pore pressure).

These results are based only on initial testing and may not be indicative of future production results. The Company anticipates the need to continue production testing for a period of months before expected production rates from the Dolinnoe-2 well can be predicted with confidence.