South East Asia Modules on the Move

In a move which demonstrates its commitment to the South East Asia region, Duffy & McGovern is on course to have some 13 offshore accommodation modules based in Singapore and Perth by the end of March 2005.

The company, which opened a network of offices in South East Asia in December last year, is moving a selection of rental cabins to the area, including eleven engineering modules and two sleeper cabins.

The units will go into stock and form a fleet which will be available for customers to call up at short notice without any delays for transportation and delivery of modules. Further modules will be shipped in to meet the demands of specific contracts in the region as they arise. By the end of 2005, Duffy & McGovern expects to have a manufacturing facility in South East Asia itself, with modules manufactured in the region remaining in the South East Asia fleet serving local contracts.

"Duffy & McGovern is a global company now, and customers expect us to act locally as quickly and efficiently as we do in our other overseas locations," says Craig McLeish. "Our move into South East Asia is not just a nominal gesture putting sales agents and support personnel on the ground – we are committing to locating a large fleet in the region from day one.

"Accommodation requirements offshore can change literally overnight, depending on what's happening on the platform. Customers need to know that Duffy & McGovern can supply rental accommodation in South East Asia in the same rapid timescales as they can elsewhere in the world and by building up a substantial fleet in the region we can guarantee customers that we can meet their expectations every time."

Duffy & McGovern's South East Asia fleet will initially comprise eleven 20 x 8ft engineering modules, suitable for use as mud logging cabins, laboratories or offices. Two different sleeping accommodation modules will also be included in the early fleet – a 12-person sleeper with and an eight-person sleeper both with en-suite facilities.

The company's South East Asia network comprises five new offices in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Singapore and an office in Perth which was established in 2003. The network was formally announced at the Offshore South East Asia (OSEA) show in Singapore in December and, with regional headquarters in Aberdeen and Houston, represents the third global hub for the company, completing their world-wide reach.

Duffy & McGovern is increasing its global rental fleet by 100 % over the next three years to take its total number of cabins to 420 by 2008. It is expected that around 110 modules, representing just over a quarter of this fleet and comprising sleeper and engineering modules, will eventually be based in South East Asia.