National Drilling Co. Expands Activity

National Drilling Co will take delivery of three new rigs ordered from Cooper Manufacturing Corp. at a cost of US $90 million in April 2002, and they will become operational in June the same year. Moreover, NDC is planning to expand its activity outside Abu Dhabi after commissioning the new rigs. "While seeking to meet the demands of Adnoc operating companies such as Adco, plans are on to expand activity outside Abu Dhabi emirate after commissioning of the new rigs and in case of surplus rigs," Abdul Rahman Ba Majboor, assistant general manager for onshore operations, stated. He said the company's fleet includes three onshore drilling rigs, 10 offshore and three water well rigs.

The company hired two offshore rigs and signed a contract for the purchase of three new advanced onshore drilling rigs from Cooper. The three state-of-art rigs are the first of their kind in the Gulf and the Middle East, he said. NDC has also adopted the 'Well Delivery Limit' (WDL) principle which was launched by Adco (Abu Dhabi Co for Onshore Operations) in cooperation with Shell International in mid-2000. Implementation of the principle started with six offshore rigs and will cover the entire onshore fleet by end-2001.

NDC, in cooperation with Adma-Opco (Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co), is now planning to implement this principle on a number of its offshore rigs as a first phase, he said.